Customer Testimonials

"Bruce is one of those rare people who finds the fun in any situation and makes everyone feel comfortable immediately. His shooting abilities are top notch but appear to be smooth and effortless. These traits are a tremendous value in a firearms instructor because the combination gives you the confidence, through his actions, that if he can do it so easily, so can you. Most importantly, unlike many of the people in the gun industry, Bruce doesn't boast or try to show you how he's the alpha dog, he spends his time with a smile on his face, making sure you are comfortable and are learning all that you can. I'd highly recommend Bruce to anyone new to shooting or who wants to learn and improve their shooting. For anyone who is already proud to be the best shooter, I'd say shoot against Bruce, you'll probably learn something too."
Dan Moore

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for the great firearms training you provided to my friends and I. The class was well prepared and very informative. We all learned a great deal and we also enjoyed the day as well. You are a true professional and your enthusiasm was infectious. I would highly recommend your class to anyone wishing to acquire a firearm permit.
Thank you once again.
Bob Padalino

I want to thank you for an enlightening, enjoyable, and thorough class today. I grew up around guns from my father, brothers, and now husband who hunt and use for personal protection and recreation, but always had a fear and trepidation of them. Your thorough review of gun safety, anatomy, and use put my anxiety to rest and strengthened my respect of them. I feel more comfortable and confident in using one for my own personal use and family protection. My husband will be contacting you soon to schedule his concealed carry class.
Scarlet Dial

Several of my friends and I were interested in getting our conceal carry permit so we decided to contact Bruce Carver and see if he would be willing to do a class at my home. Bruce had taken my sons and me bird hunting a couple of years before and we had a terrific experience. Bruce was prompt, prepared and very professional with the class. All of us had varying degrees of gun knowledge and experience but he did a good job keeping us engaged. I would highly recommend Bruce Carver to anyone interested in getting their concealed carry permit or as a hunting guide.

I just want to thank you for putting on a wonderful class. I especially liked the small class size and the ability to ask a lot of questions. It was a very relaxed learning environment, and I acquired a lot of useful information. In the future, if I know of anyone interested in taking the CCH permit class, or any firearms training for that matter, I will highly recommend you.
Tim Douthit

Bruce, really enjoyed your course. It was very informative and helpful, especially since I wanted to be exposed to the handgun safety aspects that you included. I was a little rusty on handling handguns and wanted to make sure I was confident handling a pistol again. I have already recommended two people to take your course...and think both have already scheduled to do so! Thanks again.
D. Harris

I highly recommend the Concealed Carry Training course offered by Bruce Carver to anyone – no matter what level of experience they might have with firearms. At one time, I spent a lot of time on the firing range; but for more than twenty years I hadn’t even picked up a weapon let alone fired one. Bruce did a superb job of bringing me back into the world of shooting by focusing on the essential skills of firearm safety and marksmanship fundamentals. His easy-going manner and informal (but exacting) approach created a great learning environment – one where a significant amount of material was easily grasped and readily internalized. Additionally, the course was a lot of fun; the day passed quickly and every expectation I had set beforehand was fully met.
Jeff Jeffries
LtCol USMC (ret)

On Sunday, 8 July 2012 I attended a Concealed Carry Handgun Training Course presented by Bruce Carver. The course was presented in a very organized and logical manner. The Power Point presentation was very clear and precise providing a great backdrop to the verbal information that Bruce delivered. Bruce also provided us with the benefit of his experience with Law Enforcement which really helped make his points and illustrate just how serious the issue of concealed handgun carry should be taken. We were provided with splendid visual aids and were able to gain firsthand experience in the correct way to handle firearms, load them and the correct way to break them down and clean them. After we left the classroom we went to the shooting range and again Bruce told us the proper way to hold the weapon and shoot but most of all he stressed the safe way to do these things. His advice helped me improve my accuracy and during the entire experience I always felt that we were safe in what we were doing.

I am glad that I chose Bruce Carver to teach me the proper way to respect firearms. I am also pleased that he gave me the confidence needed to feel comfortable with my Concealed Carry Handgun Permit.
Stephen T. Ellis

Bruce's course was tremendous. It was very hands on and helped me become more comfortable with handguns and understand the legal responsibilities of concealed carry. I highly recommend Bruce as an instructor and his course. I learned more about handguns and handgun safety from this day session than I have in a lifetime of being around guns.
Joe Schachle

This was my first time taking any kind of class on concealed concealment, and was pleasantly surprised on the type of instruction I received. Bruce was very clear on current NC law, had many sample pistols for us to get hands on experience with, and most importantly, taught us about safety on how to properly handle a fire arm whether passing it to a friend, or on the pistol range. For me, it was one of those classes you were glad you took after it was over. Thanks Bruce for being very clear on the concealed carry subject, and I would and will recommend you to my friends for their training needs.
Tom Rutledge

Vance and I thoroughly enjoyed your class. Your experience and teaching techniques make the class very interesting and promote a great learning atmosphere. Having the classroom portion at Devils Ridge was a great location w/ minimum distraction and convenient lunch options. I found the range for shooting qualification to be very good as well.
Phil Williams

I recently took the North Carolina Concealed Handgun Course through Carver Management LLC .
Bruce Carver taught the course. The facility’s where the class room portion was held was at a local Country Club and the class room was impeccable very comfortable and Bruce’s presentation was well done. The thing that impressed me the most was Bruce is one of those rare genuine persons who makes you feel comfortable immediately. His huge gregarious laugh, when he tells you a story inspires you and keeps you riveted. His teaching style is laid back and informative. I would recommend any level of person use Bruce for the training but particularly those who are inexperienced and a little nervous. There is a drive, little drive to the shooting range from the class room but it’s a quaint country drive and it kind of gives you some time to relax after the book work. I would give Bruce’s Course three thumbs up if I had three thumbs. Very enjoyable day.
David Payette

Bruce is a passionate gun lover and second amendment rights protector...he delivers a terrific CCH class. I plan on taking some other courses he offers.
Jimbo Eason

I enjoyed this class a lot. Bruce went through the material and kept me engaged the entire time. I have to admit that we covered a lot of material; a lot of very important topics. But the learning environment was relaxed, fun and had really good views. I will recommend this class over the competition to anyone wanting to get their concealed carry handgun permit. Well worth it!
Reagan Grant

Bruce, I wanted to take this opportunity to tell you how much I enjoyed taking your CCH class on the 3rd of March. I liked the way that the class was kept low key, but at the same time an incredible amount of information was presented. I really learned a lot. I will not hesitate to recommend your class to anyone. Again thanks.
Joe Bradshaw

Bruce, really enjoyed your course. It was very informative and helpful, especially since I wanted to be exposed to the handgun safety aspects that you included. I was a little rusty on handling handguns and wanted to make sure I was confident handling a pistol again. I have already recommended two people to take your course...and think both have already scheduled to do so! Thanks again.
D. Harris